What We Do


We Believe

At American Council of Teachers Inc. we believe in supporting our students' scholastic needs by designing and practicing extended education. This is accomplished by hiring qualified educational professionals and working with local organizations/schools to implement  low-cost after-school and Saturday school programs that provide students with additional educational support.

We Understand

We understand the importance of providing efficient, positive and supportive learning environments for our students. Our curriculum is especially aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to afford students the opportunity to practice and review lesson plans similar to those taught in the classroom.

We Uplift, Expect and Respect

In our effort to help reduce student disengagement in the classroom, we work to strengthen academic skills while promoting increased intrinsic/extrinsic motivation and engagement by providing behavioral strategies for success. These strategies include thinking differently about education, teaching, and limitations that are placed on our students in classrooms.


Our Services Include:

  • Saturday School

  • Low cost Individual and Small Group Tutoring

  • Parent and Student Advocacy for Special Education

  • Low cost individualized Student Academic Assessments

  • Equity Services for Significantly Disproportionate Districts

  • After-School Academic Support for School Districts

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